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Terms and Conditions

Benta8 assumes no responsibility to evaluate the accuracy, efficiency and completeness of any advice, opinions, services or other information provided. Re the information on this website, they may be modified or updated without notice. Benta8 has the ability to make enhancements and/or changes in the products, services and/or programs represented on this website at any time without notice. The information being provided on this website is regarded to be reliable when established. Notwithstanding, Benta8 cannot secure that information will be always accurate, complete and current for all information is subject to modification from time to time without notice. But rest assured that Benta8 will utilize its discretion, best judgment and efforts in collecting and preparing information, documents and other items provided.

Benta8 will not require nor collect personal information about individuals except when such information are specifically and consciously provided by such individuals. This information may be the name, postal address, e-mail address, phone number, birthdays, and product description provided. But rest assured that Benta8 neither sell nor share any information to any individual.

Presumed that by using this website, you agree to these terms and conditions. Benta8 provisions the right to modify, alter or update this Terms & Conditions at any time, and you agree to be obligated by such modifications, alterations, or updates.

Benta8 does its best to manage all substance being loaded on the website, assuring that the all of the products listed shun infringement upon trademark, copyright, or intellectual property rights of third parties. And that all website design, graphics, text, interfaces and the choices and structures thereof are ©2015, Benta8 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. We grant permission to electronically copy, disseminate and to print hard copy portions of this website but only for the sole purpose of using this website as a shopping resource. Purposes other than mentioned above are strictly prohibited such as modification, distribution or republication.

The trademarks, service marks and trade names provided by such owners assumed to have granted Benta8 the right and license to use such Marks.

Contents uploaded to this website compulsorily grants Benta8 an immutable, interminable, and authority to make use of it in any way we believe decent, on any platform of media. All rights to any content you uploaded to benta8 shall be owned by you. And whenever a complaint is raised to such content you have uploaded, you agree to take full responsibility in consigning the complaint, and to pay for any damages provoked by copyright, trademark, and intellectual property infringements.

This Terms & Conditions abides to the laws of the Philippines, excluding choice of law. Each party definitely agrees that any legal action, proceeding or suit brought by it in any way stemming out of any transaction on this website must be brought exclusively in the courts of CITY, Philippines. And that each party definitely accepts and submits to the exclusive jurisdiction of the abovementioned courts in person, thoroughly and unconditionally with respect to any action, proceeding or suit brought by it or against in by the other party. Consents from each party should be expressed to the service of process out of the abovementioned courts through mailing copies thereof by registered or certified mail, postage prepaid, to such party at its address designated agreeable to the insurance contract. Benta8 doesn’t represent that any information, materials or functions covered are inappropriate for use in any other jurisdiction.

The information, services, products, trademarks, and documents contained in this website, including text, graphics, and links, are provided on an “as is” basis without warranty. Benta8 disclaims all representations and warranties, expressed or implied, with respect to such information, services, products, trademarks and documents, including but not limited to warranties of merchantability, title, efficiency, noninfringement, freedom from computer virus, and implied warranties stemming from course of dealing or course of performance. In inclusion, Benta8 does not serve or warrant that the information accessible per this website is accurate, complete or current. Availability, description and price information is subject to change without notice.

Benta8 is never liable for any direct, indirect, special, penal, incidental, consequential damages, or any form of damage whatsoever, even if Benta8 has been beforehand advised of the possibility of such damages, even if in an action under contract, negligence, or any other case, stemming out of or in relation with the use, inability to use, or performance of the information, services, products, trademarks and documents available from this website. The individual and/or member acknowledges and agrees that the limitations stated above are paramount elements of this terms and conditions, and the system would not be provided in the absence of such limitations.