• W.LAB HD-Waterful BB CREAM
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  • Oct 19, 2015
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Korean Blemish Balm or BB creams are some of the best around! And this one is ranked as the latest favorite of korean women.

Triple functional BB cream with whitening, anti-wrinkle, and sun-protection effects (SPF 30+, PA++).

Skin tone correction, Intensive moisturizing care , Nourishing care , and Skin protection.

It is perfect for problematic skin that cannot be concealed with any cosmetics

such as dark skin tone, freckles, and wide pore.

A great choice for clean and clear, confident skin!

Brightened skin tone

Reduced flaws

Enhanced moistness

Decreased feeling of heaviness on the skin.

W.lab HD Waterful BB cream special raw ingredients:

Chamaecyparis Obtusa (Cypress) Water supporting healthy skin"

Cypress emits phytoncide most among any other trees and phytoncide is an aromatic substance emitted from a tree to protect itself from outside environment. Phytoncide is a natural ingredient that helps maintain healthy skin and shows outstanding soothing and moisturizing effects

Centella Asiatica great for troublesome skin

Tea tree great for treating skin problems

Portulaca Oleracea great for soothing sensitive skin

Daisy for white and clear skin

Lotus for purifying skin

Lily for controlling skin

Challenge to absolutely flawless skin!

Start your makeup with W.lab HD-Waterful BB cream now available on K-style Korean Shop Philippines!:)

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